Remembering Asbury Park

This is a great photo, and a very rare one. It was found online, possibly a scan of a postcard. As some may recall, beside the two famous indoor amusement parks -- the Palace and Casino -- there were some great rides and attractions along the boardwalk itself.

There are few photos existing of the Roller Coaster (THE GALAXY), and this is the only one i've seen featuring the Sky Ride that ran above the boardwalk for several blocks. In the background - you can faintly see the boardwalk Ferris Wheel (THE SKY DIVER).

Another a great, rare photo found online -- this one shows the entrance ramp to the Roller Coaster and one of the Sky Ride cars coming in for a "landing".

In it's hey-day there was a fourth boardwalk ride -- an oblong-shaped ferris wheel rides which seemed very fast and rather intimidating. "THE ZIPPER" was scary, particularly for its time. It was a tall skinny structure with enclosed baskets that you sat in. The whole tall structure spun in a great big circle, and each basket individually spun itself at the same time. (Thanks to Tommy De Seno for the Zipper description. )


Brochure for the Palace and Casino. A Small section is missing, but this is a real "find" none-the-less. Thanks to my pal Bret for sharing it with me. Visit his new site to see the amazing feature on the Palace and the companion piece on the Casino. There are some great indoor pictures there.

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A collection of Ride and Prize Tickets. Scanned with love by yours truly.

And a personal photo...or two

I also found this old family photo of my mom, sister an me. Looks like Easter Sunday about 1976 on the Asbury Park boardwalk. Again, rides visible in the background. I was a snappy dresser.

Other Asbury Park links and photos will be coming soon.
Anybody recall other facts or memories of these rides?
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