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Great Bluegrass and Old Time Mountain Music

Spring 2005 Schedule coming soon.

"Big Apple'achia are skyscrapingly high, lonesome purists!" 
— The Village Voice

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The Parkside Lounge, NYC
317 E. HOUSTON ST. @ AVE.B 212-673-6270
( E. Houston at Attorney, between avenues "B" and "C." Right off the FDR.)

The "Park Side Lounge," and the "Back" room, is fast becoming THE place for Bluegrass and American "Roots" music in NYC! This is due to the excellent bluegrass being "rendered," and to you, our wonderful fans who have supported the "BigA" shows!

Also, on Mondays, Americana Roots Night, you can hear a variety of other popular country styled shows! So...we 'spect to see you...and some of your friends. Yell out some favorites, hoot 'n holler...have a beer and enjoy!

We have plenty of shows coming up and some new material...not that we will forget about the great stuff we always do!

We have been rehearsing some new things. Great old songs we've found! Everyone is in fine voice. Doc has been on fire lately hammerin' the mandolin...Stoney has been "woodsheddin" some new tunes for all you footstompers, and the whole show is new and invigorated!

As always, make sure you stop by and say hello to us, and don't forget to request your favorite BigA hit!


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