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"Big Apple'achia are skyscrapingly high, lonesome purists!" 
— The Village Voice

Great Bluegrass and Old Time Mountain Music

Big Appleachia is authentic! They are leading practitioners of the "High, Lonesome" sound called "Bluegrass" music. They bring a fresh, energetic feel to the music, often sharing the stage with notable guest performers from completely different musical genres. They are guaranteed to entertain the veteran Bluegrass fan as well as those exposed to it for the first time! Their mission is to bring the simplicity of a bygone era, as heard in their exciting style of Bluegrass music, to the uninitiated urban audience in the present.

Go see 'em and hear for yourself. You'll be hooked on bluegrass, either for the first time or all over again!

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Wow...Welcome everybody…to our bluegrass page! Here, you will find information about the band, and just who we are. You can also check out our schedule page…and see one of our shows! They’re full of high energy...dancing around the single mic! We also hope you will post a comment or two, regularly, to our message board!

Anyway…look around, see some pictures of us at various venues. You can also listen to some of our music. We have included an entire live radio show for you…and there are a couple of recorded tunes from our CD.
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Folks ask about our name “BigApple’achia,” and how it was born. It’s a truly American story folks.  Stoney and I were having lunch together, as we occasionally do. He met me inBridgeport, Ct…where I work for the Fire Department. This is an urban environment...lot of "streets."

We were at the newest “Brazilian” restaurant. A very healthy place…with good food, in the “Italian” section of the city. I don’t think anyone in this restaurant even knew what a banjo sounded like! We were discussing the band…this was in February of 2002 now…and going over some of our future hopes and goals. We had been trying to find a new name. We had been using the name the “New York City Bluegrass Band.” for a few gigs, but some folks said the name was terrible. We thought that the name told the story succinctly…where we were from, and what we played!  Sometimes I guess…it’s not enough.

We had polled the band members for “cool” names...”Golden Era,” was one “Vintage Bill,” was one I liked…’noting the music was really old, and hillbilly…not Monroe “bill.” We had a bunch…one of them had the nameAppalachiain there…and we started to work on that…since BG reflected the mountains anyway. And we started to add other words to Appalachia…Big being one…Big Appalachia…sounded good! Then all of a sudden I thought “BIG  APPLE” instead of just big…and it reflected where we were playing…and Apple…well…it went right with Appal…and BigApple’achia was borned!!

It had everything we needed, succinct…and “cool.”  You know folks have a hard time pronouncing the name the right way…up here in the north…they always say “big apple asheea,” and we have to remind them it’s really pronounced “Big Apple atcha.” It’s funny…because we had one NYC venue tell us he wouldn’t hire us until we changed our name to something people could pronounce! He didn’t like us I guess! But…I hope you do. I hope you all come out and see our show…hoot ‘n holler and make some noise!

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Interview with Nick from a Mass newspaper. 

Live Radio Show on WSHU April 11th (RealAudio Stream)

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