Asbury Park, NJ
Written by Bret Malone
Designed by Matthew Dilorenzo, Riverside Digital Productions

Asbury Park holds a very sacred spot in the memories of many people due to its long history as a truley unique and enchanted entertainment spot. Its past reveals an veritable “A to Z” in attractions and venues and more. For the letter “A” we would give it to the Atlantic Ocean onwhos sandy shores Asbury is located. For the letter “B” we would list the Boardwalk. The letter “C” would connote the twin bookends of the famous Casino and the Convention Hall, past home to world championship Boxing fights as well as the “Miss America Pageant” and numerous concerts and performances. The letter “D” would hold true to form for the delicious “Salt Water Taffy” that spread from Asbury to every other seaside resort. But, unfortunately, ” one other letter is missing, this one is the letter “P” for Palace Amusements. Ranking right up there with the hallowed grounds of the past parks in Coney Island NY, The Pike in California, Palisades Park in NJ and Riverview in Chicago, the Amusements from this seaside building, dating well back to the late 1890s have not been given their due, until now.

This is Asbury Park . . . "The Greatest Story Ever Told”.

Over the years, the numerous rides and attractions of Asbury Park touched the lives of many, many people. This tour follows one man's story as he travels to visit the Casino the and Palace in the dead of winter many, many years ago...


Begin the journey . . .

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