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Save Tillie.com http://www.homestead.com/savetillie/
The group that fought so valiently to save the Palace Ammusements building has sucessfully SAVED TILLIE !

Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts http://www.dafe.org
The first "Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiast" organization that produces both a newsletter as well as a great website. Check out the site to join today.

Silverball Arcade https://www.silverballmuseum.com/asbury-park/
This great spot is right on the AP Boadwak and features hundreds of electromechanical and digital pinball machines, classic '80s video games, Skee Ball, Air Hockey and more. A must visit!

The Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada http://cec.chebucto.org/
A huge website with information on over 90 amusement parks in Canada's past -- with many details about rides, attractions and designers. A must see.

Raven Hill Productions http://members.tripod.com/~ravenhill/
Want to own some "Scary" Dark Ride Props? Here is a wonderful source for all your "Spooky" needs! 

Remembering Asbury Park http://www.elvision.com/asburypark/
This guy dreams of the Sky Ride and the Whacky Shack.

Dark in the Park http://www.darkinthepark.com/
Dark in the Park is a website devoted to the three classic dark rides of New Jersey; Brigantine Castle, Dracula's Castle in Wildwood, and the Haunted Mansion of Long Branch.

Palace Online Museum http://www.palaceamusements.com/
Find out even more about the greatest indoor amusement park and its classic history, rides and attractions.

Dark Ride Database: DRdb https://darkridedatabase.com/
The Dark Ride Database is the world's largest and most complete database on the unique theme park rides.

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park https://www.sylvanbeach.org/attract.html
A beautiful amusement park in upstate New York, containing what we here at "Team Tunnel" still consider one of the best Classic Pretzel Dark Rides still operating, the "Laff Land" Dark Ride.

Rehoboth Beach Funland http://www.funlandrehoboth.com
One of the best ever Dark Rides still operates at this nice Oceanside amusement park along the Delaware shore. Take a wild trip on Funland's "Haunted Mansion", a top-ten Dark Ride!

Lucky Ju Ju PINBALL Website http://www.ujuju.com
Here's a excellent Arcade site all about Pinball.


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