Asbury Park, NJ
By Bret Malone

The Casino Wonderland
Right in front of me and at the entrance is the Classic Carousel, now removed of its wooden horses and replaced with fiberglass ones, but a pretty site indeed! Toward my right is a great looking old-fashioned Fun House called "Circus Fun House"? My hungry eyes for Fun spy both a revolving Barrel, Mirror Maze and a long, shiny slide down to the first floor from the second.  (More about the "Circus Fun House"!)  The Casino is packed with amusement games, pinball and video games all along the middle section.
Towards the back, right hand side are the modern day Bumper Cars. Looking at the left, there is a simply put, wonderful "Spooky Looking" facade of a Pretzel Dark Ride known as the "Mad-O-Rama". (More about the "Mad-O-Rama" Dark Ride"!) I purchase more tickets than my hands can hold and set off into this electric paradise of both sight and sound -- it's sensory overload in the middle of winter. I ride the antique Carousel, do handstands in the Fun House barrel, get lost in the Mirror maze (I had to be led out by the kind old gent operating it!).

I try my luck at several arcade games including "Skee Ball" upon where, my 4 dollars worth get me a small stuffed animal (oh well!), play Pac-Man, and Centipede, and do damage to others I do not know, but warm up to fast on the Bumber Cars. Then I take several spins through the Pretzel dark Ride, all the while laffing silly at both others and myself! Yes....Yes...YES...YES!!! This is feeling good, feeling alive, feeling the little kid inside us all, and, yet here, in the middle of a harsh winter! This was exactly what I needed to shake off my winter blues, and would do so for several more visits.

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