As I sit here writing in my mother's warm kitchen, in upstate New York, the snow begins to fall as a typical North East Winter is upon us. And yes... it's very COLD.

A few years after the great and majestic Palace closed for good, my own life would take very sudden and drastic turns. I would move very far away from both the Palace as well as Asbury Park, putting the Palace in the "Back-burner" of my own mind, as I never, ever would think that the Amusement Parks, either one, would ever get a second chance at life, while also thinking that I was the last person alive to give a Damn about either building. Imagine my surprise, when, 10 years later, I would co-launch a new Dark Ride and Fun House website with Joel Styer, and would soon learn how many folks still cared about this both magical and Incredible indoor Fun Spot!

And. out of the Dark, and still Laffing, I would get an email from the former park assistant manager, Brian Maher, the same guy that I almost knocked down on my way to the bathroom, inside the palace some 12 years ago! And, while getting "on-line" what I saw in the way of no less than 4 Asbury and palace related websites "Knocked my socks" off!. Toss in the very unknown until now, Dark Ride and Fun House Artist Ralph Lopez Jr., who also sat up from the grave and dropped from the heavens unto my lap and filled me in with a great deal of inside info about what I always only could guess at! Next up Peter Szikura, (Mr. Dark Ride Himself!), who helped me greatly in understanding where all these classic and rare stunts and props went after the palace and Casino closed.

I wish also to thank the following nice folks: Save Tillie Inc. ( who are working very hard at saving this last piece of Darkride and Amusement history on the shores of Jersey!) Historian Chris Flynn, again, the Darkride and Ride artist and designer Ralph Lopez Jr. for filling in a rather large void on who was the best father/son design team that, was, at least until Tunnel of Laffs came along, an unknown entity, and who will be soon designing an updated of the classic Laffing Sal Stunt (contact the website if interested in more info!), and finally... to my Webmaster, Matt DiLorenzo, who understands what the Palace was and the pure virgin Magic that was always there, Thanks my friend! I could have not produced this article without each and every one of you, and for this I hope I have done your memories, photos and information justice, you are the true heroes here!

And last but not least... for all you fans of both the palace, Asbury Park, the Boss (His music Rocks, Thanks Bruce!) as well as the Casino (lets not forget her either) and those Dark Ride and Fun House fans who never had a chance to get to Asbury Park, enjoy what has become an expansive project, reaching a great deal of both time and effort. Asbury Park and palace fans: Never again shall you wish to go inside the Palace again, its all here for you to enjoy for a lifetime to come.

 — Bret Malone         

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