Palace Amusements
Part 2

Asbury Park, NJ
By Bret Malone


A brief pause for a Dedication and Thanks:

For all of you who loved the Palace, and rides on the Mangels Carousel, this article is for you. Tillie - you will be sorely missed. For Peter Szikura who saved many famous props like the animated Rhino, Tiger and Elephant, and the little girl who peers through the chain link fence, wondering what this place once was, this articles for you. For Brian Mayer, past palace assistant Manager and Author of an upcoming book about the Palace as well as the Red haired and dress downed teen, sporting a "Tillie Tattoo"and holding out on the hopes of saving Tillie, this articles for you. For the family from Freehold Jersey who used to start their ocean-front day with a Big Breakfast from the I-Hop on the boards as well as Matthew DiLorenzo who remembers fond family outings to the Palace as well as rides on the Whacky Shack that will always Haunt him, this articles for you.

For Ralph Lopez Jr., famed former artist and ride builder for the Palace as well as the city councilmen who are working hard at saving this last, vanishing trace of New Jersey culture as well as the hard working folks at Save Tillie Inc, who have tried very hard at letting the Palace live yet again, this articles for you. For the former and last general manager of the Palace, Bill Harris, who took the time to talk to me about the inner workings of the palace so many years ago, as well as Historian Chris Flynn, who has dedicated a worthy site about the Palac
e, this articles for you. For the fans who used to gather at the fabled Stone Pony nightclub as well as the BOSS himself, one of the worlds greatest Rock and Roll artists, this articles for you.

For all the families that used to play Mini-Golf, enjoy the kiddy rides and purchase gifts to take home on the boardwalk for keepsakes to remember their visits by, this articles for you. To those Dark Ride and Fun House fans now reading that never had the pleasure of getting to Asbury Park and the legendary Palace, this article is for you, to enjoy a tad bit of what has made us Palace seniors happy for many a year. And, finally... for those of you who did handstands inside the Fun House Barrel, who kissed a girl for the first time inside the Hell N Back or Orient Express, for those of you who took a look at the city, high up on the Ferris Wheel, who yelled and screamed on the Twister, this articles for you!

Again, a very special THANKS to Ralph Lopez, Jr. & family and the Lange family. These kind folks provided access to their extensive archives of photos and related information. Clearly, this Asbury Park article would not have been possible without them!

OK, Now on with the fun . . .
Let's go to the Castle Fun House

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