Crystal Beach

By Richard Doan
{with Archival materials & photos courtesy of Cathy Herbert}



It's been a long 13 plus years since a friend has left us. What is this so-called "friend" that I'm talking about you might ask? Its one of the greatest Traditional Amusement Parks ever built and operated. 

It's a trip on the "Giant Coaster".  It's a tree filled walk thru "Kiddy Land".  It's a fun-filled journey thru the "Magic Palace".  It's a breath-taking "Sky Ride" over the waves and currents of Lake Erie.  What is this romantic and magical fun-spot that I 'm talking about?

YES!  It's Crystal Beach Amusement Park on the shores of Lake Erie  on the Canadian side of the Lake. 

Since it closed its doors a great many years ago, it still is considered among the greatest parks of all time.  The Roller Coaster Star, the "Comet" has a new home in upstate New York, and there are several wonderful and unique websites devoted to this sorely missed Park. But one other Park Icon remains unknown, until now! Ladies and Gentlemen: Tunnel of Laffs  is proud to present: "Laffs From The Beach", the story of one of the greatest Dark Rides ever built! The Crystal Beach "Laff In The Dark"!

So grab a "Halls Sucker" and get ready to go way deep inside this wonderful Dark Ride that many consider one of the best ever built. Mr. Chambers has an inside view of how he built this ride, and he shall be your inside guide and host!  I'm sure that the most famous Lady ever to grace a Fun House or Dark Ride will greet you as well! Yes, Mrs. "Laughing Sal'" will be along for your voyage!  So...  grab a ticket and get ready to back to 1935, and don't forget Sal.  She is waiting for us --  so step lively! 
--  Bret Malone

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