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Written by Warren Crandall

We now continue down the next corridor...

This section is different from what weíve seen previously. This is an open air section allowing us to clearly see animated scenes to both our left and right. It also allows the sunlight to add a cheery atmosphere to this section of the attraction that would otherwise be completely dark. Lets examine the scene to our left. Here we see Alice Cheerfully playing with some pink Flamingos. We also see a giant storybook with excerpts from the original story for us to read.

Then to our right we see the infamous Mad Hatter and his Tea Party. We successfully escape from the tea party but not all is well in Wonderland as the king and his Beautiful Queen await us at the turn of the corridor and she WANTS OUR HEADS! As we make our escape from her we find...Oh my gosh we havenít escaped yet! Painted images of her life size Guards

(Spelled Cards) are chasing us toward the bright light at the end of the tunnel as we try to make our escape! Escape? If only we had known! We emerge into the sunlight only to find ourselves...SURROUNDED!

A Puzzling Maze of Cards!

Where we had expected to find our escape we find instead one of the neatest little mazes Iíve ever seen. Finally we make our way through the maze and reach the exit and the end of one of the  neatest old walk through dark attractions around.

Before my daughter and I departed for home we took a walk around the park and boy was I in for a very nice and unexpected surprise. Fairyland like many of the older amusement parks across the country had fallen into disrepair over the years. The City of Oakland, which owns the park, has decided to take an approach that I could only wish other long gone amusement parks had done. Instead of tearing it down and replacing it with apartment buildings and high rises theyíre restoring it. Fairyland has all of itís original attractions and those that are not currently open are being completely restored.

What a novel idea! I could only wish that two people in my own family had done the same when they inherited San Franciscoís Playland when George Whitney died in 1973, but thatís another story. So when youíre in Oakland California, come see Childrenís Fairyland, the most influential amusement park in history.

This Cute Little Girl could be Anyone,
even the authors Daughter, after a fun-filled day at "Fairyland".


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