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By Robert Lashmore

Meantime, what's that up ahead - it looks like it might be the target of our interest for today... let's see...

Luna Park Midway


Ahhh.. the ride that we're interested in today is not too far away - let's walk into the park, through the grinning gaping mouth.  We'll walk past the ticket booths, purveyors of pleasure - but we don't need a ticket today - we're going to be taken on a walk-through of this piece of Australian History by Dean Leggert, the Head of Maintenance for Luna Park.



He directs us to a building that stands alone in the park, scenically  painted and topped by a HUGE skull, wearing a Top Hat, and holding a Megaphone to his mouth, almost as if bidding us to "Roll up, Roll up, come ride the Ghost Train"

No sounds emanate from the skull these days, but sounds of clanks, the rattle of carriages running on wooden track, and a multitude of screams and moans and other spooky sounds issue forth from within.  Let's step up closer to the loading platform and have a look.


Roll up Roll up


Artwork in queueline
The queue folds back on itself, then goes past this atmospheric painting of a misty graveyard.  The artist that painted this added a lot of scenic elements to the ride during it's 2001 rehab.


The loading platform has an antique turnstile that we have to push our way through -

Antique turnstile at loading platform.


Carriage waiting in loading area

The carriages (all three of them) are lined up in the station - there are some extra in storage, however three is the maximum allowed to operate at one time, due to the short length of the loading area.

The wall behind the carriages is another mural, this time of an atmospheric crypt.

The carriages look like the might be pretzel company stock, but how can we tell for sure...



Ask and you shall receive - we are pleased to be able to view the underside of the carriages.    It confirms that they are indeed the original Pretzel carriages that have been updated, and kept in loving order all these years.


 Upturned carriage


Closeup of undercarriage

A closer look at the underneath reveals the guide-wheel and pickup assembles.


Undercarriage Detail      Axle  Go

- Note the message from an enthusiastic "Swans" (Sydney's Aussie Rules Football Team) fan.


Control Panel

You are watched on video monitors (just above the control panel pictured) while in the ride
- this ensures no hanky panky or set damage occurs.




As you board the little train, you face the entrance doors - it looks like Mr Luna's NOT so happy to see you now !!    

Mr Luna - Not so friendly NOW...


Looks like there's quite a crowd gathering - this IS one of the most popular rides in the park, after all !
Always Popular

Let's take a ride then, shall we ?


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