Palace Amusements

Asbury Park, NJ
Written by Bret Malone
Produced by Matthew Dilorenzo

Once again, the sound of Carousel music floated through the crisp winter air... as the snow began to come down more heavily...

I thought to myself, but what better way to chase away the winter blues with an indoor amusement park to explore, this, for me, for the first time.  As we entered the building, one cant help but notice one of many jewels that the Palace offered, the majestic Carousel egineered by Mangels and Loff that held center stage.  A wonderful machine from 1929 that was bought into the Palace to replace an earlier model.  But first, before we venture any further, some history is in store.

The first building was the originally built sometime in the late 1880's, and featured a one of a kind Ferris Wheel that went through the roof of the building!˜ While now not steam operated, the Ferris Wheel neverless still gave a great view of the boardwalk and surrounding town from a height of about 65 feet.  This, plus an earlier Model Carousel were the lone rides when the Palace opened.  The Lange family purchased the park in 1938, and really made it into what it had become, expanding into a second newer building in 1956.  Prior to this, the older section contained the Carousel, Ferris Wheel as well as a Fun house, with its barrel located next to the Carousel.  Also was a Pretzel Dark ride called The Caves, located where the Bumper Cars are now.

When the Palace expanded, three rides were featured: a Mangelçs Whip, Everyly Rock-O-Plane, that also went through the roof and over the building and a Watkin's Tempest ride.  These would later be all replaced with a newer Dark Ride as well as an Olympic Bobs ride.  Park Owner Edward Lange would give control of the park to his son, George Lange, who would go onto to own and manage the Palace as well as managing the Casino sister amusement building across the street.  The Langes were graced with the very talented father/son design and art˜ team of Ralph Lopez Sr. and Jr.  They all were good friends with George Lange and Ralph Jr.  Growing up together and guiding˜ and building up the palace into what it had become. To learn more about one of America's Greatest, and obscure, until now, Darkride and amusement ride design teams in the Lopez father / son team (more about them later).  But enough history, take a walk with me and lets explore the Palace innards circa 1986. A nd grab a few bucks to purchase yourself some ride tickets as well, we dont want to miss anything now, do we?

ENTER the Palace!

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