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A Nice Day on the Boardwalk!

The next memorable room was the laboratory. When we were younger, this room was far more disturbing than it was in later years. Originally they had naked female mannequins encased in clear cells covered in blood. There were body parts laying all around and illuminated by flashing lightning. The scientist was of course acting mad but it was the bloody body parts that really made the room disturbing.

The execution room was not too far from the laboratory, and when I was really young this room terrified me. This room was a classic example of 70's horror and the types of dark themes that were once an acceptable form of horror entertainment. These days most horror-themed rides are cartoon-oriented with goofy themes and characters. The execution room was a dark old style stunt in which a hapless female was decapitated. This was a trick normally used by magicians but was adapted for Dracula's castle. Originally the execution was supposed to be an execution in a black mass ceremony but was changed from the initial blue prints. The quality of the actors would change but the decapitation of a woman remained a constant.

Rare Interior Views from the Dungeon and Castle!

The last room that was most notable before the exit was a crush room where the walls would compress on a room full of people. I don't remember this room when I was younger so this was an addition to the attraction in the later years. It was a fun room but not necessarily scary. After this room you exited out the rear of the ride back onto the boardwalk.

Beneath the castle was the darkest and bloodiest boat ride I have ever seen in my life. There was scene after scene of gruesome blood and gore. I could never image them making a ride so dark in today's politically correct days of cartoon influenced haunted attractions. My favorite scene in the ride was the three villagers impaled on stakes with the one guy trying to pull himself free. This was defiantly a ride not intended for children. I actually think the Nickels used left over props from the former Arabian Knights ride to supplement certain scenes. The scares of the ride were actually caused by actors jumping out at boat riders rather then the scenes themselves, which were more horrific than scary.

Castle Dracula and the Dungeon Boat Ride were two amazing dark rides and will be greatly missed by fans of dark ride attractions. Since the untimely demise of Castle Dracula, Midway pier seems empty and The Wildwood Boardwalk is never going to be the same.

The Fire that Doomed the Castle to its Final  Sad and Tragic Death!

A rare look at the NIckels Midway (circa 1985) with the Castle looming to the right! 

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