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JAY DUCHARME  teaches Electronic Media at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts. He's Loved amusement parks and dark rides in particular since he was a child. His fifth grade science project was a miniature dark ride. He got a "D" minus, but that didn't deter him. A couple of years later, he constructed a walk-thru fun house in his front yard and charged admission. In 1980 his father encouraged him to get a job at Mountain Park. He operated most of the park's rides, including those that his father also operated: "The Dinosaur Den", "Pirate's Den" and  "Out of This World". If the park hadn't closed in 1987, Jay would still be there. In the fall of 1993, he became the chief  operator of the Holyoke Merry-Go-Round, transplanted from Mountain Park to Heritage Park in downtown Holyoke where it still successfully operates. Jay has written many articles, including a popular history of roller coasters for the now defunct "World of Coasters" website. He is also a successful singer and songwriter and performs with his beautiful and talented wife Karen, a professional pianist. They have three terrific children who are involved in the amusement business.

 This article "C 2002" by  Jay Duchmare. Used with Permission by International Dark Ride Association, "I-Ride!", and Tunnel of Laffs .  Photos "C 2002" by Jay Ducharme and Tunnel of Laffs and used with permission. Special Thanks to Jay Ducharme, Edward Leis, Roger Fortin, Bret Malone, and special mention to the wonderful  past Dark Ride and Fun House creator: Dominic Spadola, one of  the best there ever was, and who is missed, yet not forgotten!  Entire article "C2002" by the International Dark Ride Association. You may contact the author through the website. Tunnel of Laffs is not related in any way to the parks or rides mentioned within this website. Please ask for permission before using any of the photos contained within this article or website. 

Mountain Park, you are missed!


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