Ahoy Mates! Welcome to our little boat ride into the depths of the beloved Pirates Cove, Ocean City Maryland, at the fine home of Trimpers Amusement Park. Are yee keen about learning more about this scurvy ship?!? Then blast yee matey, come on deck for a wild ride, complete with some barrels of thee' skippers finest rum! (Hee Hee!) But don't just stand there like a drunken' sailor in the brig mate, we have much plundering and exploring to do. And.......... you just may learn a thing or two about our captain, Mr. Bill Tracey!  But if you not up to the task and journey ahead, then it be the gang plank for ya'!  Think fast Matey, now lets have some High Seas fun as a scary Pirate should have! (And don't get greedy with the Rum!) Ill be watching yee hard with one eye! Arrgh!

--  Bret Malone

Continue, You Salty Fools!


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